An International Open-Access Journal of Medicine and Social Sciences

Journal of Health and Social Sciences (J Health Soc Sci) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal related to health and social sciences. Areas of interest include any aspect of health from a wide range of social and medical sciences. The journal aspires to provide interdisciplinary exchange of views of scientists from around the world, aimed on the growth of modern man, where the focus is “health” defined by WHO.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infermity”
(WHO Contitution)


Peer-reviewed original research articles and critical or analytical reviews in any area of medicine, publich health and social science research relevant to health.

The journal publishes the following types of contribution:
Brief Book Review, Case Report, Editorial, Commentaries, Mini Review, Viewpoints, Original Research, Theoretical Research, Review, Overview, Letter to the Editor, Technical Report, Interviews.

Please see our Submission Guidelines for information on article submission. If you require further information, the journal’s editorial board will be happy to help.


SIPISS is please to announce the launch of Journal of Health and Social Sciences, a new journal devoted to health disciplines. The first issue will be published in spring 2016.
We invite you to submit high quality papers in English for review and possible publication in all areas of social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, geography and policy), medicine and public health (occupational health and industrial hygiene, epidemiology, hygiene, health education, environmental health, health policy, hospital management, health economics, law and ethics) by focusing on the individual or global health.


All articles published by J Health Soc Sci are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without costs.
All interested readers can read, download, and/or print open access articles at no cost.
All manuscripts are pre-reviewed by the editor, and if appropriate, sent for blind peer review.
Contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere, and are critically reviewed before they are published.
Papers, which must be written in English, should have sound grammar and proper terminologies.